LikePaper FAQs


Who is a caregiver?
How do I reset my password?
What rights do I have regarding my personal information?
How do I delete my account?

Care Team

How can I invite the person I am caring for?
What can the care recipient do in the app?
How do I invite other caregivers and helpers?
What’s the difference between a caregiver and a helper?
How can I remove someone or leave a care team?


What kind of tasks do I need?
How do I add a new task?
How do I add a reminder to a task?

Medication list and schedule

Why is medication management important?
How do I add a new medication?
How do I edit a medication?
How do I delete a medication?
How do I share medications?
How do I set a medication reminder?


What kind of documents do I need?
How do I add a new file?
How do I share a file?


What if I don’t want to grant access to my phone contacts?
How do I add a new contact?
Does deleting a contact in LikePaper delete them from my phone?


Why is it important to track my vitals?
How do I edit my vitals data?
How do I set a vital reminder?

Caregiving needs questionnaire

What is the caregiving needs questionnaire for?

Feedback and feature requests

How do I share my feedback or suggest a feature?