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About LikePaper™

Naming our app was a fun process and it came easily. As we read the research and spoke to our friends, families, and current/former caregivers it became clear that paper was the common denominator for everyone. Everyone uses paper to remember things and organize things, but for organizing one's care it has its limits. It's hard to share and easy to lose. So we thought, "what if we could make something that was as easy as using paper, but with the benefits of being digital?". And from there LikePaper was born.

We built LikePaper because we want to be in the business of helping others. We had long heard about the changing demographic trends: the country is aging, becoming more sick, and there are less of us to take care of each other. We felt there is no better time to introduce a free tool to help people organize the information needed to care for oneself or another person.

Our goal is simple - it's to learn. To learn what consumers want and need and to provide that to the best of our abilities. We learn the most directly from you, and we welcome your feedback and ideas on how to make LikePaper the best care organizer for everyone. Feel free to share your thoughts with us at

LikePaper™ for businesses

If you are interested in what we are creating to help companies activate and engage their populations, please contact us. More information on this offering will be available in early 2021.