Stay Connected

Invite the loved one(s) you are caring for so you can collaborate and stay connected to make caregiving easier.

Feeling organized reduces stress

The ripple effects of stress can affect your health, relationships, and ability to be safe and productive at work.

When you feel more in control, you are better able to handle the challenges that life lobs your way. 

Everybody you care for in one place

Use LikePaper to organize, manage, and track the information for all your loved ones, and yourself.

It’s easy to switch between profiles and access the care information for all your caregiving needs.

Everything in one place

It’s your one place to store, organize, and share the medications, documents, tasks and contacts needed to care for yourself or others. 

The importance of a current medication list

People often have difficulty remembering all of their medications in the case of an emergency, and serious medication interactions can potentially be avoided by having this simple list.

Stay on track with a medication schedule and reminders

Did you know that roughly 50% of medications are not taken properly? Take the stress out of taking medications by setting a schedule and reminders.

Remember more, worry less

Stop worrying about your to-do list, and let the app remember for you. Easily add tasks and set reminders for the ones that are time sensitive.  

Improve your knowledge and confidence

Know what documents you need to manage legal and health care decisions, financial matters, and other concerns.

Save and share files on the go

Add email attachments from your phone, documents, or use photos for quick access to insurance cards, legal documents, or files you might need to reference or share.

The people and places you need for help and care

Add quick access to contact anyone you may need when caring for yourself or others.

People - add from your existing contacts, or create new ones for quick access to contact anyone you may need when caring for yourself or others.

Places - Add easy access to call and locate the hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and others places you depend on for prescriptions and household items.

Helpful content from trusted sources

People often become patients or caregivers overnight. As a result, we often aren't equipped to handle new caregiving situations and need to learn new skills. Our goal is to provide you with focused, high quality information from trusted sources. 

LikePaper is on a mission to make the experience of caring for yourself or others less stressful.  

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